Green Day in Kerrang, New Photos

The issue of Kerrang that comes out today has Green Day as their cover story: "In this week's Kerrang! magazine Green Day come out of hiding and cause mass hysteria under the guise [...] Read story

Vote in the video contest

Voting has now begun in the video contest. You can vote in each category (bands, solo, drums, bass, guitar). The winners will get some bragging rights, and thats about it. There ar [...] Read story

Foxboro Hot Tubs Photos, T-Shirts

The official Foxboro Hot Tubs site has added photos from the show in San Diego, starting here. You can really get a feel of what a crazy stop on the tour it was. They also added ph [...] Read story

Message from the Reverend... about England???

Our man the Reverend Strychnine Twitch posted a new message on the Foxboro Hot Tubs' MySpace. He ends by saying: "Thanks to all the Tub Heads for coming out for our first tour. Wil [...] Read story

View the entries in our Green Day cover contest

We received a total of 50 entries for the GDA Video contest. On May 12th we asked people to post a video on YouTube of them playing any Green Day songs (Network/Foxboro stuff inc [...] Read story

Last Date of Foxboro Hot Tubs Tour, More

The Foxboro Hot Tubs played their last show of the tour last night in Long Beach, CA. Billie Joe crowd surfed onto the stage... on an actual surfboard! From dkatz, on the forum: "A [...] Read story

Last nights show at The Roxy, Lots of GD stuff for sale

A member on our forum has been collecting Green Day CDs, Vinyls, Bootlegs and some other stuff for 13 years, and now he's trying to sell it to help pay off some student loans. He h [...] Read story

Tubs' Tour Continues, Other Tidbits

The Foxboro Hot Tubs played last night in San Diego, where Billie Joe introduced Mike as, "My best friend, Mike Dirnt," with a hug and a kiss. They'll be playing tonight in L.A. at [...] Read story

Just got back from a Foxboro show

Hey everyone! I just got back into the hotel from the Foxboro show. It was the most amazing night ever. Got to meet some awesome people who visit this site, the show was just fucki [...] Read story

Foxboro Hot Tubs in Arizona Tonight

Tonight the Foxboro Hot Tubs will be playing in Phoenix, AZ at The Brick House. Say hi to Andres if you're going! Check this thread on the forum for updates, or to post your review [...] Read story

The Rev, FBHT Tour Getting Great Reviews

The Reverend has been keeping the messages coming on the Foxboro Hot Tubs' MySpace. This one is from Texas: "Texas hold em? Damn near killed em!" The media reviews of the Tubs' tou [...] Read story

Billie Joe says hi to GDA!

I'm just getting back in town from the Foxboro Hot Tubs show in New Orleans. I'll write a recap soon, but for now, I have a message for all of you.I talked to Billie Joe very brie [...] Read story

Stop Drop & Roll numbers and photos

It's been a couple days since Stop Drop & Roll was released, and it's fun to see how well the CD is doing for feeling like such an underground secret thing. It's currently #27 in C [...] Read story

Stop Drop & Roll Release, Foxboro in New Orleans

Tonight the Foxboro Hot Tubs play in New Orleans. Anyone attending tonight should stop by this thread after the show and leave a recap. Last nights show in Little Rock sounded pre [...] Read story

Foxboro shows + GDA = Awesome times for everyone

With tonight's Little Rock show just hours away from starting, we've setup a place on the forum for people to talk about each of the shows. You can find updates for tonight's show [...] Read story

Foxboro Hot Tubs playing Blood Sex & Booze

This made me happy when i saw it, so I cropped it out of the original video (credit to hellahyphy69 for it) and put it up. It's the Foxboro Hot Tubs playing "Blood Sex & Booze" May [...] Read story