Ask Green Day

We have been given the opportunity to do a Q&A with Green Day, and we want our visitors to supply us with the questions that we'll be sending to Green Day.If you've ever had a ques [...] Read story

more simpsons

Matt Groening and James L. Brooks did an interview with MTV's Kurt Loder and talked about Green Day a little bit. Read the interview here at MTV. Thanks Ilona for the link. Than [...] Read story

Simpsons movie "review"

Some friends and I went out to watch the Simpsons Movie last night, and it was incredible. The movie is made even more worthwhile because Green Day pretty much opens up the movie. [...] Read story

go see green day in the simpsons movie!

No news today to report. So I thought I'd remind you to get to the theaters TODAY to see Green Day perform in The Simpsons Movie! [...] Read story

Instant Karma

Thinking about adding Instant Karma to your CD collection? Read a review here at the Pittsburgh Tribune. Thanks to Ilona for the link.It's almost showtime for The Simpsons Movie! [...] Read story

Simpsons song available, it's my birthday!

The Simpsons Theme song by Green Day is finally available for download on iTunes. For some people, it might be difficult to find, so type in "simpsons theme" and it should find it [...] Read story

Green Day in Big Cheese and the Simpsons

Green Day are in the Issue 90/August 2007 edition of Big Cheese Magazine. It's a PUNK: '77-'07 Collector's Edition featuring bands such as Green Day, The Living End, and The Clash [...] Read story

new york post

Green Day's cover of "Working Class Hero" was rated number 54 in the New York Post's 100 Best Covered Songs of All Time."Billie Joe Armstrong-fresh from ranting about the "American [...] Read story

More news on the simpsons soundtrack

There is an article that mentions Green Day on the upcoming soundtrack to The Simpsons Movie. Read the article here at The Hollywood Reporter. Thanks to Joey for the link.Bored? [...] Read story

down with the moral majority!

Green Day made #19 on Spinner's 20 Protest Songs That Matter list with Minority. In which rambunctious Billie Joe Armstrong goes explicitly political, pledging eternal allegiance [...] Read story

Ozzy and Green Day?

Sorry guys, there hasn't been much news to report lately.Ozzy Osbourne thinks American Idiot is "fucking brillant" as well. I always knew he was awesome. Read about it here, when [...] Read story

That awesome new shirt

First off, the GDA staff would like to thank everyone for their happy birthday/anniversary wishes yesterday. And also thanks a lot to the people from the forum for all the great b [...] Read story

It's been 6 years

On this day, 6 years ago, I launched the website known as The Green Day Authority. As we do every year we have an anniversary, I'd like to thank all you guys and my team for makin [...] Read story

Environment Friendly, Simpsons Preview

Green Day were ranked at #4 on Live Earth's list of the top 15 Environmentally Friendly Bands. There are 2 small articles about it at MSN and Net Music Countdown.This morning on t [...] Read story

Forums' back

The forum is now back online. [...] Read story

Forum Offline

Our forum will be offline for the next few hours as we do some maintenance. Updates will be posted here as needed. [...] Read story