Green Day Nominated, 2007 Calendar

Green Day was nominated for the Wake Me Up video in the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards. You guys need to go vote for them here. GO VOTE! It's already been nearly two years since Ameri [...] Read story

Merchandise, Videos, Stickers

Not too much going on in the Green Day world today. If you're really bored and want to read anything about them, there are a couple of articles online that slightly mention them he [...] Read story

Forum Registrations, Updates

Hey everyone. Over the past few days lots of you have been emailing us asking why you couldn't register on the forum. We had to close down registrations for a bit because of some p [...] Read story

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Happy 24th Birthday to the owner and founder of GDA, Courtney! [...] Read story

Album Reviews

The new album reviews section is up. The layout is almost the same as before (with the exception of the index), but I re-did all the code so it's much easier for me to update that [...] Read story

Tré Cool, Vh1, BOTW, other stuff

In this article from 'The Vancouver Sun' they talk about the "10 Drummers Who Made a Difference" - the list initially inspired to them while thinking about Tré when he joi [...] Read story

Hold tight

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates in a few days. I'm trying to setup a new system for album reviews and band of the week - but it's taking me a lot longer than I thought it w [...] Read story

Contest, Tré, Decades Rock Live

The winner for yesterday's contest has been notified, so congratulations to Scott on winning the autographed photo! We thank you all for participating in yesterday's contest, we ha [...] Read story

GDA's 5th Anniversary!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!! Today is GDA's 5th Anniversary, and we're very excited that the site has made it this far. Over the years this site has grown into something much bigger than [...] Read story

Band of the Week, Giveaway Update

As promised a week ago, the new "Band of the Week" section is up, and the first band to be featured is 'The Living End'. Click here to visit the new section. We're giving away a co [...] Read story

Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Sarah (entry #4) on winning our Prosthetic Head contest. The runner up was Jeff (entry #5). Our thanks to everyone who participated and voted in this contest. Yo [...] Read story

Kerrang Honours, 1039/Kerplunk Release?

Green Day has been nominated in three categories in the Esteemed Kerrang Rock Video Honours List. You can vote for "Wake Me Up" in Budget Buster, vote for Billie Joe as Rock God, a [...] Read story

Tour Forum

We've added a new section to our forum called On The Road. It will be a section for people to talk about shows they've been to, tours they're looking forward to, etc. Not just Gre [...] Read story

Contest, Forum

Today is the last day to vote in the contest, so vote if you haven't.The forum is back up online.Update 2:09AM July 8th: Voting for the contest is now closed. The winner will be an [...] Read story

Add Links, Donate, Contest

We have added a new section to our forum for people to submit links. It's a pretty nifty feature for people to fix their boredom. You can submit links to sites you like, sites you [...] Read story

Fourth of July - New Graphic Designers

Happy Independence Day!! If you're not American, then ... uh.. hi.I know I said the new Band of the Week section would be up Monday, but I'm going to have to postpone it till nextT [...] Read story