Live Freaky Die Freaky

As you see to your right, Green Day is in this month's Alternative Press. The article talks about the re-release of 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours and Kerplunk!. Click here to rea [...] Read story

Green Day and Rancid in Guitar World Legends

Hey guys. Be sure to head out to your local newstand to pick up an issue of Guitar World's Legends. The front cover has Rancid on it and it's called "Punk'd!". Inside there's a [...] Read story

American Idiot music video

Words cannot explain how excited I am. Why am I this excited? Why am I so happy? You will be too after watching the AMERICAN IDIOT VIDEO. That's right, we have it. GDA has it. 1 [...] Read story

A different shade of Green

Meh, I wouldn't really consider this 'news,' BUT I was just so excited. I got my A Different Shade Of Green today. It's fucking AWESOME. If you don't have it, get it. Every so [...] Read story

Another movie with Green Day?

In this month's (September 2003) issue of Alternative Press magazine, there's a little blurb about an upcoming video documentary called Riding in Vans With Boys. The blurb is on pa [...] Read story

Weezer Worry Rock

Hey. If you guys didn't love me yet, you soon will. I know A Different Shade of Green isn't coming out for a couple of days but the most anticipated cover on the album, in my opini [...] Read story

Live Freaky Die Freakyh

Hey guys. Over at MTV there's an article about "Live Freaky! Die Freaky!". Also at VH1 there's an article about Green Day collaborating on Iggy Pop's new album. And if that's not [...] Read story

Tribute album - A different shade of Green

Hey. More info on the tribute album, thanks to The track listing for the tribute "A Different Shade Of Green" has been released. It is as follows: 1. Rudiger- 2000 [...] Read story

Weezer covers Worry Rock, More details about Tre's Haiku contest

Holy shit. This like like the 4th post in a row from me. That's simply because there's some Green Day news. First, check out the articles at Undercover Media and Chart Attack about [...] Read story

Mike and Tre Audio - Haiku

ryone. Check out Mike and Tre's audio messages on Mike talks about go karts and his little brother. Tre is giving away the peice of bone removed from his leg during h [...] Read story

New GDA layout

Hey guys. The new layout is finally up! I hope everyone likes it, I like it alot, and I put a lot of work into it. There's some new information on some of the pages, so be sure to [...] Read story

Billie Joe audio update, Tre surgery

Hey guys. Billie Joe finally updated his audio message at He talks about Tre having surgery, winning at the CMAs, and the new album. It's the first significant audio [...] Read story

Billie Joe will be in Live Freaky Die Freaky

Billie Joe FINALLY updated his message on so check that out. Also, thanks to Jen on the tagboard for the news, BJ is starring in a movie called Live Freaky Die Freaky. [...] Read story

Kerrang talks about Warning follow-up

Where Does a punk band go when they've realeased a mellower, quasi-acoustic album, a Greatest Hits package and a collection of B-sides? If you're Green Day, it's back to doing what [...] Read story

Guitar Wor.ld

Hey guys. In this month's issue of Guitar World, they have an article called '60 Minutes: The Hour of Music that Rocks My World' in which Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 talks about his f [...] Read story

Mike Dirnt message about the Iraq war

Hey guys. Mike posted a audio message on urging you guys to basically "ignore" the war on Iraq and go on with your everyday lifes. Also, posted an mp3 of [...] Read story