Full Track List for American Idiot

Alright, here's the full track listing for American Idiot. Though, it might not be in order, here're all the names of the songs: American Idiot Jesus of Suburbia- (I Don't Care [...] Read story

American Idiot announced as first single from new album

Ok I got some really exciting news. "American Idiot" the first single from the VERY VERY anticipated new album is FINALLY going to hit the airwaves next Tuesday August 3rd. And als [...] Read story

Last minute show in Los Angeles

GD.net just put out a post saying that Green Day is going to play tomorrow in Los Angeles. The news just came out today, it is going to be a "Special Dress Rehearsal for the Japa [...] Read story

kerplunk gets added to iTunes

Those of you intrested, Kerplunk was just added to the iTunes Downloadable Library. So if any of you are intrested in being legal (and supporting Green Day) then drop by iTunes and [...] Read story

Books about 924 Gilman St.

Ok here are a couple of articles that slightly mention Green Day. This one is from Seattle PI news. It's mostly political stuff and there is short moment where they talk about Gree [...] Read story

Green Day at Voodoo Fest

Well first off Welcome Back everyone! This whole server thing has been hell, and Courtney did a hell of a job getting us back up. I hope you guys are joining back up on the new and [...] Read story

Green Day on new DVD

PART 1 of the infamous OUT OF FOCUS video fanzine collection on DVD. The creation of Mike Byrne (from the Methadones) and his brother Bob -- the two filmed countless shows at McGre [...] Read story

I Fought the Law goes on iTunes

Hello everybody. Green Day's verison of "I Fought the Law" from the Pepsi commercial was released today at iTunes. You can download it from there for a measley 99 cents. Good deal, [...] Read story

Green Day and Pepsi team up for I Fought The Law

Hey guys. Finally we have some Green Day news. We now have at least a little bit of a reason to watch the Superbowl. USA Today reported on Friday that a Pepsi commerical featurin [...] Read story

Billie Joe updates his audio

Check out GreenDay.com, where Billie has left us quite a long audio message. He gives a little bit of interesting background about 39/Smooth, some opinons on politics, and promises [...] Read story

Billie will be in Black Sabbath Box Set

Billie Joe is going to give an interview for the Black Sabbath box set Black Box: The Complete Original Black Sabbath (1970-1978). The set will feature remastered versions of the [...] Read story

Kerrang says Green Day are The Network

Blah. The news is so slow. The only thing new is this. Check out this tidbit from this month's Kerrang Magazine : It's true that Green Day are part of the Network," a music indus [...] Read story

The Network new website

Alright guys. I'm convinced. The Network revealed their new website. Check it out. To get into the site is a bit tricky. Click the top right corner of the N...sorry for those [...] Read story

Who is The Network

Ah the news is a flyin'. Now we all know what this 'new' band 'The Network' is trying to pull. Is it Green Day? Isn't it? I could be completely wrong, so if this does turn out to b [...] Read story

School of Rock Reference

Hey. I haven't updated for a while. I saw The School of Rock today. It was really good. Anyway, at the end, the drummer kid is wearing a Green Day shirt. That doesn't really matter [...] Read story

Rock Against Bush

Green Day, NOFX, Good Charlotte and some other bands have a compliation CD in the works called Rock Against Bush. Quite possibly after the CD drops, they may be heading out on tou [...] Read story