Do Teens Know 2000's Pop Punk

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The Coverups, a cover band featuring Green Day members, played Monday night

A newly-formed band called "The Coverups" played their debut show last night in Albany, California to a small crowd. The Coverups features many Green Day members including Billie J [...] Read story

Green Day tour stops rated some of 2017's best

Green Day's Revolution Radio Tour is now complete. Billie Joe reflected on 2017 and this era of the band on Instagram: Before any resolutions a gratitude list is in order fo [...] Read story

Billie Joe tells Trump-supporting followers to "fuck off"

News outlets are reporting on Billie Joe's comments he made to some Instagram followers about Donald Trump. It started when Billie Joe posted on instagram with #impeachtrump This [...] Read story

Behind the Scenes Video of Billie Joe with Kat Von D

Kat Von D and Billie Joe teamed up to release their own brand of eyeliner, called Basket Case. It comes out this Friday, January 5th. It was announced back in November. Check ou [...] Read story

Billie Joe's New Year Message

Billie Joe posted the below message on Instagram to celebrate the New Year Before any resolutions a gratitude list is in order for 2017. From Hyde park to Wrigley .. From rough [...] Read story

Billie Joe's message to "young rock n rollers"

Dear young rock n rollers. Be brave. Be tough. Spit your anger. Piss people off. Don’t be normal. Don’t be trendy. Be loud. Live out loud. Cuss . Swear. Be offensive. Tell [...] Read story

Winner of our Green Day Ornament Contest

Congratulations to Berber for winning our 2017 Green Day Christmas Ornament contest with their awesome 'Blue' ornament. Be sure to check out all the entries from this year and p [...] Read story

Billie Joe will sell his used musical gear via is a musical equipment marketplace that regularly hosts "guest auctions" from big names in the music industry. This time, Billie Joe will be putting a wide range of h [...] Read story

Green Day Ornament Contest - Win a Dookie picture vinyl or a t-shirt

Houses are becoming elaborate light displays, trees are being decorated and the stockings are being hung over the fireplace. It's official, the holiday season is upon us! All [...] Read story

Limited edition 'Basketcase' anti-precision eyeliner launches Jan 5

Last month we shared the news that tattoo artist and cosmetics personality Kat Von D was releasing an eyeliner inspired by 'longtime friend' Billie Joe Armstrong. However, at the t [...] Read story

GDA's RevRad Era Recap Zine - Final call for submissions

Hey fans! By now, you have most likely heard about our upcoming RevRad Era Recap Zine, which will be taking a look back at the first year and a half of the Revolution Radio era. [...] Read story

'God's Favorite Band' vs. 'International Superhits'

Green Day's latest greatest hits album, God's Favorite Band, was released last month recapping 26 years of Green Day albums. They previously released International Superhits in 200 [...] Read story

Magazine articles from the last year

Our Magazine Articles section was offline and a bit broken (as we talked about here) but we've been working to get everything restored and add in some articles we missed during the [...] Read story

Cyber Monday Sale - 30% off "Rage & Love" Wristbands

To celebrate cyber Monday we have knocked down the price of the Rage & Love wristbands by 30%. We have a very limited amount of the single wristband (mixed red and black) left - as [...] Read story

Poll: What do you want Green Day to do next?

The world tour is over, a greatest hits album has been released, what do you want Green Day to do next? Vote in our poll, leave your comments below. [...] Read story