Podcast # 30 - Awesome as Fuck news roundup. Our thoughts on the trailer, track list, and artwork.

Episode 30: ******* ** Fuck This week we talk about Awesome as Fuck's artwork, the track list (not a setlist), and the release of the AAF trailer. We also spend some time talkin [...] Read story

Video from Times Talk interview now up to view and download

Below you can watch a video of the recent interview that Billie Joe and Michael Mayer did in New York as a part of the New York TImes' "Arts and Leisure Weekend". You can downlo [...] Read story

The New York Times interviews Billie Joe about performing in the musical

The New York Times recently (as in last week) sat down with Billie Joe just before his performance on 'American Idiot' to talk about him performing in the musical. It's a really gr [...] Read story

"Awesome As Fuck" Track List

The track-listing for Green Day's upcoming live album "Awesome As Fuck" has been released by the band in a Press Release. Green Day recorded every show on the 21st Century Breakdow [...] Read story

Cover art for the "Awesome As Fuck" live album released

The cover artwork for Green Day's upcoming live album, Awesome as Fuck, has been released today on GreenDay.com via their image slider on their main page. You can view the full al [...] Read story

Mike Dirnt releases a t-shirt to go along with his 45 RPM shoe

Over the past two years Mike Dirnt has been very involved with the Macbeth shoe company. Since 2009 Mike has released two different original shoes, the 45 RPM and the Schubert. [...] Read story

'21st Century Breakdown' cover design receives great recognition

[...] Read story

Trailer for Green Day's "Awesome As Fuck" live album released

Green Day has just released a trailer for their highly anticipated live album, Awesome As Fuck, that will be coming out on March 15th of this year. The live album will feature [...] Read story

'Times Talks' with Billie Joe and Michael Mayer tonight in New York

Billie Joe and Michael Mayer (director of the American Idiot musical) will be taking sometime out of their schedule to sit down and do an interview at the Arts and Leisure Weekend' [...] Read story

Mike Dirnt's side band, The Frustrators, will be coming out with a new EP this year

Mike Dirnt's side band, The Frustrators, announced today on their Facebook that they are currently in the studio working on a forthcoming EP that will be released later this year. [...] Read story

Full version of 'Depression Times' by Green Day and Jesse Malin project "Rodeo Queens"

Last month we posted a preview of the song "Depression Times" by 'Rodeo Queens', which is a project that Green Day and Jesse Malin worked on last year. The song debuted on 101.9 RX [...] Read story

Visitor reviews from Billie Joe's opening night performance on Broadway

We had two people write in with their thoughts of Billie Joe's opening night in the American Idiot Musical a few days ago. Here are their thoughts: Alise S. I saw AI for the 3rd t [...] Read story

American Idiot Listed in Gibson's 10 Greatest Concept Albums of All Time

Gibson.com has included 'American Idiot' in the top 10 concept albums of all time. They were listed at #5, between some very worthy names like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and The Who [...] Read story

Additional matinee performance of American Idiot with Billie Joe added for tomorrow

GreenDay.com reports that Billie Joe will be playing the role of St. Jimmy at tomorrow, January 5th at the matinee of the American Idiot musical. Originally Billie was not suppose [...] Read story

Check out the new fan photos section - Meeting Green Day, Fan Tattoos, Fan Art and more

Here's a project I've been working on since just before the holidays, and glad I can finally share it with you guys. We've migrated all our fan photos into a single place, and now [...] Read story

Video: American Idiot cast performs in Times Square in on New Years Eve

As we mentioned the other day, the cast of the American Idiot musical performed in Times Square on New Years eve as a part of NBC's New Years Eve with Carson Daly. You can watch [...] Read story