The Frustrators announce name, artwork, and track list for their new EP

Mike Dirnt's side band, The Frustrators, will be coming out with a new EP in the middle of February entitled, Griller. Griller will be released in four different formats. Each ve [...] Read story

Episode 32 of Static Noise now available

Title: OMG, Billie's Hair is SO HOTT This week Andres, Alex, Matt, Mikey, and Tony talk about Billie's replacements for the musical, another Green Day slam from John Lydon, Bill [...] Read story

Watch us record the podcast this Saturday at 3pm EST on Justin.TV

We'll be recording the podcast on Saturday at 3pm EST (noon Pacific, 8pm GMT). You guys should stop by on to watch it and chat with us while we record this nonsense. If [...] Read story

Billie Joe nominated in the "Hottest Man" category at the 2011 NME Shockwaves Awards

Billie Joe Armstrong has been nominated in the category for "Hottest Man" in the 2011 NME Shockwaves Awards. Billie is up against other artists including Jared Leto, Alex Turner, [...] Read story

Less than 6 days left to enter to win a 2011 GD calendar in our 'Awesome as Fuck' artwork contest

We're currently holding a contest for the best redesign of the 'Awesome As Fuck' artwork. We put the call out last week for you talented graphics people to take a stab at redesign [...] Read story

New Poll: What Green Day album has the best artwork?

Which album do you think has the best artwork? Vote, then leave your thoughts in the comments below. [...] Read story

American Idiot and Dookie listed as two of the best 99 Album Covers

Recently, made a list of what they thought were the "99 Best Designed Album Covers". Green Day made the list twice with American Idiot and Dookie. Other bands [...] Read story

Podcast 31: Billie joining Twitter, Mike on stage, and Melissa Ethridge joins the musical cast

Title: Ze Vilhelm Fink This week Andres, Matt, Mikey, Tony and Jimmy talk about Billie Joe joining Twitter, Mike being pulled on stage, his side band The Frustrators going on to [...] Read story

"Awesome As Fuck" listed on as one of the most anticipated albums of 2011

Green Day's upcoming live album, Awesome As Fuck, has been listed on (alongside an awesome photo) as one of the most anticipated albums of 2011. Title says it all, dunnit [...] Read story

The New York Times praises Billie Joe's performance in the musical, and posts some new photos

The New York Times published an article earlier this month praising Billie Joe's performance in the musical. We didn't post it up here, but I think it deserves some attention. He [...] Read story

Mike Dirnt joins Billie Joe and musical cast on stage during 'Good Riddance' last night (video)

Last night Mike Dirnt was in the audience to watch Billie Joe perform as St. Jimmy in the American Idiot musical. At the end of the show, the entire cast comes out and performs Go [...] Read story

Billie Joe now has his own Twitter account @BJAofficial

News started spreading around yesterday that Billie Joe had his own account on Twitter. His first tweet was re-tweeted by the Adeline Records Twitter account (@AdelineRecords), an [...] Read story

Mike Dirnt's side band The Frustrators announce a mini-tour at the end of February

Mike Dirnt's side band The Frustrators have just announced some tour dates for the end of February on their Facebook page. This mini-tour will be in celebration of their new EP th [...] Read story

Redesign the 'Awesome as Fuck' artwork and win a 2011 Green Day Calendar

First off, I want to introduce you guys to our newest team member Alex, affectionally known as 'Moffiee' on the forum (follow her on Twitter). She's the new Project Coordinator for [...] Read story

Melissa Etheridge to Play St. Jimmy in American Idiot from February 1st - 6th

Melissa Etheridge, a famous American rock singer-songwriter and musician is set to play the role of St. Jimmy in Green Day's American Idiot musical during Billie Joe's week break b [...] Read story

Kerplunk celebrates its 19th anniversary today

On this day 19 years ago Green Day released their second full length album entitled Kerplunk. Kerplunk was released on Lookout Records, but then rereleased on Green Day's current [...] Read story