Lets kill some rumors: Release date, Coachella

Time to kill some rumors. First up, Chartattack was reporting that Green Day's album would be out May 5th. Their source, which was quotes elsewhere on the net, was Warner Music Can [...] Read story

Mike's MacBeth shoes, Two new photos

If you look closely in this new video from MacBeth footwear of Tom DeLonge talking about the coming apocalypse, you can see Mike Dirnt's shoe design, which is expected sometime thi [...] Read story

A bit of Green Day news

Hey everyone. It's been awhile. I'm not dead, I'm very much alive, and still loving Green Day. I just have so many amazing people on the GDA team, that I'm really not needed tha [...] Read story

American Idiot on top 10 list of concept albums

American Idiot landed at a respectable #7 on the Phoenix New Times top 10 concept albums. Nothing interesting in their review, just a short explanation of the story in American Idi [...] Read story

New photos of Mike and Billie Joe

Here's a few new photos of Mike and one of Billie Joe and Adrienne. The first two were posted by photographer Ryan Russell on his MySpace. He writes that he took some photos from M [...] Read story

Billboard mentions Green Day for 2009

Billboard magazine has mentioned Green Day as one of the big bands coming back in 2009. Here's a scan. The little burb makes a nice note about the fact that Green Day hauled in ove [...] Read story

New photo of Billie Joe in Oakland, CA

Billie Joe was recently at the Uptown Club in Oakland, CA watching a friends band, and this fan had the chance to be introduced to him and took a photo. I think this is the latest [...] Read story

44th President of the United States

For as much as government can do and must do, it is ultimately the faith and determination of the American people upon which this nation relies.President Barack Obama was sworn int [...] Read story

Rumors rumors; where Green Day will show up

We've heard a couple rumors about Green Day playing some festivals this summer, around the time of the new album release. Many of you will remember that the band made their re-appe [...] Read story

Recording might be done on the new album

Back in November we learned that the band was recording at the same studio where they recorded American Idiot, Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood, CA - same place where they recorde [...] Read story

Gibson guitars, Obedient Sons & Daughters closes

I know you guys miss me - sorry I haven't posted. Been doing some random crap, which I know most of you don't care about, but if you do, check out my about me page where I have add [...] Read story

WSJ Article, Couple notes from the official site

The Wall Street Journal included Green Day in the "Guide to Music in 2009". Along with their philanthropist buddies, U2 (who is expected to release their next album in March), the [...] Read story

Tre Cool portrait to be made

Green Day was mentioned in VH1's countdown of the top 100 hard rock songs, Basket Case landed at #33 in the list. There's an art show in Toronto on February 5th called 'Cut to the [...] Read story

New Editorial,and Kerrang talks Green Day

The new editorial titled "Are We? We Are?" is available to read. This article, written by Cheryl, talks about the anticipation we have while waiting for the new material, and also [...] Read story

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you great people. 2008 was pretty exciting for us Green Day fans, and no doubt there's ton's more coming in 2009. We have a new editorial going up tomorrow [...] Read story

AP Article Scans, New Editorial Coming Soon

Just in case some of you have still not read the AP article, here are the scans of the magazine which was released earlier this month. It's a great update on the progress of the ne [...] Read story