Message from Billie Joe and Adrienne

Billie Joe and Adrienne wrote a message on Adeline Street and Adeline Street's MySpace with their good wishes to all of us for an amazing 2008 and reminding us to register to vote: [...] Read story

GDA 2007 News Recap

As promised, GDA's 2007 recap of the year in news is finally here. It has all the news highlights from the past year from Green Day and the Green Day Authority. If you want more in [...] Read story

Upcoming CD's that include Green Day

The 2008 Grammy Nominees CD is being released on January 29th and will include Green Day's cover of Working Class Hero. The CD will include 20 other songs from other artists includ [...] Read story

Green Day at Reading and Leeds???

While it's just speculation right now, several sources are wondering if Green Day might be headlining the Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK this summer. The festival's organize [...] Read story

Pinhead Gunpowder Mini Tour

As those of you who have been visiting the forum already know, there has been talk for some time now of a possible Pinhead Gunpowder mini tour happening in February. Two dates have [...] Read story

Green Day News in NME

NME, in its new issue, has a small article on Green Day. It says producer Linda Perry has worked on some tracks for Green Day and "has been making the band listen to the 'Nuggets' [...] Read story

Rolling Stone, Broadway Calls

The newest Rolling Stone magazine (cover on the right) mentions The Foxboro Hot Tubs on their Hot List (page 10). The editor writes: Psst: This awesomely retro garage-rock band is [...] Read story

Weezer vs. Green Day

NME mentions that both Weezer and Green Day are expected to release albums this year. Weezer and Green Day are going head-to-head on NME TV today (January 12) at 10pm (GMT).Just w [...] Read story

New T-Shirt Designs, BJ for President

Graphic designer Ian Leino posted pictures of some really nice brand new Green Day t-shirt design proposals that he created for Cinderblock. Check them out at his blog, along with [...] Read story

Forum Server Donations

Many of you have been writing in asking about the forum. It has gone offline because I have been unable to pay the server bill. We need to pay $165 before it'll be turned back onli [...] Read story

Happy New Years!

I'd like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! You have all been great to us at GDA throughout the past year, and we look forward to seeing you all around in 2008!All the news has [...] Read story

Merry Christmas

On behalf of the entire GDA staff, I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. [...] Read story

Foxboro Ringtones, Origin of the Name

The Nimrods posted Foxboro Hot Tubs mp3 ringtones as a Christmas present to their visitors. Visit their site for the downloads. (An English translation of their post is here.)Xfm r [...] Read story

Green Day + NRDC, Adeline Street Updates

In the spirit of the Holidays, Green Day + NRDC and Adeline Street have launched two new initiatives:Green Day+NRDC's MySpace announced that the NRDC is gathering signatures for a [...] Read story

Foxboro Hot Tubs Lyrics

Thanks to some help from people on the forum, we've created a section with the lyrics to all six Foxboro songs. Click here to read them. Their official site is temporarily down, bu [...] Read story

Everyone's talking about Foxboro

The internet is a buzz about the Foxboro Hot Tubs, like it should be. Here are few links to stories around the net talking about the new stuff.Ultimate Guitar | & [...] Read story