Quizzes, Peoples Choice, Influenc'd

We have 2 new quizzes for you guys to try. Good luck with those.1, 2, 3. There you guys go. 3 articles about the Peoples Choice Awards. Update: We have posted the Fuse show "Inf [...] Read story

Brit Awards and Site Updates

Green Day has been nominated for 2 Brit Awards: Best International Band, Best International AlbumFor those of you that missed the Fuse show "Influenc'd" it will be re-airing tomorr [...] Read story

Another award to add to the mantle

Billie Joe and Mike were at the People's Choice Award show tonight, where they won the award for Favorite Group. Billie explained that Tre was in New York, visiting his daughter, [...] Read story

Fan Music

Well it has been a long time since we have updated the Fan Music, so be sure to check out that page. We are also looking for 4 more bands on the page. If you want your band up th [...] Read story

FOTW, Lookalike update, PSP

Hey everyone, thank you all for being patient while we took a holiday break here. The Fan of the Week has been updated, so congrats to Nancy. The FOTW has a new set of questions, [...] Read story

People's Choice Awards

Green Day is nominated for the upcoming "People's Choice Awards." They are nominated for both "Favorite Tour" (also nominated: U2, Paul McCartney) and "Favorite Group" (also nomin [...] Read story

New Video and Audio Downloads

There is a new video download that I think many of you will enjoy. "Who Wrote Holden Caulfield" played in 1990 at Pinole High School, CA. This was before Tré joined the band [...] Read story

Logo, KROQ

"We'll start with silence and that's how we'll be able to find the inspiration to find another record" (Billie Joe on the new album)Edit: The forum is back onlineGreen Day made ser [...] Read story

influenc'd, new poll

Green Day will be on Fuse's show "Influenc'd". The show will air Monday at 2:30PM EST and 9PM EST followed by Green Day's live performance at Irving Plaza from last year. Visit Fu [...] Read story

iPod anyone?

We're looking for you people out there who are really talented in drawing or graphic design. What we need is logo for GDA. Make sure to read the rules so we don't get entries tha [...] Read story

GD made some $$$$, liveDaily awards

Reuters has reported that last year Green Day's total of 76 concerts made 36.5 million dollars. That amount landed it in the top 10 highest ranking tours. In the same article Billi [...] Read story

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all you beautiful Green Day fans! I would like to just thank you all once again for the amazing year we've had here. We wish you all the very best in 2006. [...] Read story

quick update

There's not too much going on now, and we aren't online very much as we enjoy the much needed vacation from here. But I've noticed a lot of GD websites going down recently so I tho [...] Read story

Artist of the Year

Thanks to everyone who voted for Green Day for AOL's Artist of the year. They won! Click HereAlso, as Andres mentioned, we won't be updating much until the new year.Have a safe N [...] Read story

Thank you all for an amazing year

Hey everyone, tomorrow is the last day to vote for GDA as 'Fansite of Year' for the liveDaily awards. So you should all vote here.As you may have noticed, there haven't been many u [...] Read story

merry christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from everyone at GDA. [...] Read story