John Roecker interview

Hey there. As you heard previously, I was lucky enough to interview one of the most amazing producers EVER, John Roecker, producer of punk epics such as "Live Freaky Die Freaky" an [...] Read story

American Idiot sells 1.4 million copies it's first week.

I'm back, with news. According to BBC, American Idiot sold 1.4 million copies it's first week! It sold over 10,000 in Australia (where it is number one right now) and sold over 200 [...] Read story

Green Day is having the best week ever

If you have VH1, watch for Best Week Ever. They talk about American Idiot, make fun of Avril Lavigne, and about the Sex Pistols getting into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. [...] Read story

Green Day in Revolver

Hey guys. There is a great article about Green Day in the new issue of Revolver (November 2004, Shadows Fall cover). Billie Joe talks about the meaning behind American Idiot, and i [...] Read story

American Idiot rules the world

After Green Day's performance of American Idiot on Dave Letterman on Monday (9-20) the band got to "rub elbows" with John Kerry afterwards. Don't they all look so excited and happ [...] Read story

American Idiot is out!

After 4 fucking years of waiting, the new CD hits stores today, and the wait was well worth it. The CD is beyond all expectations, unlike anything ANYONE has ever done before, and [...] Read story

Green Day plays American Idiot in Los Angeles

You lucky bastards in LA got to see Green Day play American Idiot for the first time. I just got a really really great article from MTV about last nights show. click here to read W [...] Read story

Johnny Ramone dies

Johnny Ramone, 55, a guitarist and founding member of the Ramones, the seminal New York rock-and-roll band that practically defined the punk movement of the 1970s, died Sept. 15 of [...] Read story

Green Day takes over Billboard

ROCK ON GREEN DAY! WOOHOO! The American Idiot single is now at number one on the the Modern Rock Charts on Billboard. Check it out for yourself here. They are also #15 on the Mains [...] Read story

American Idiot news

Thank You to all the beautiful people that made a donation. It is greatly appreciated, and to all of you tighwads that didn't it's ok i still love you. I have the entire album up a [...] Read story

American Idiot leak - update

Hey guys! I just wanted to come on and thank everyone for the tremendous support GDA has been getting over the last few days. The new album is amazing, and I'm glad I could be a p [...] Read story

Message from Matt

Yes yes yes. American Idiot is pure gold. A gift from the gods of all that is and will be. Anyway, I won't ramble, 'cause I'm in between listening and memorizing and writing about [...] Read story

American Idiot leak

I love you guys! And now you better love me dammit! I have the whole album up and ready for you guys to listen to! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN send all your ass-kissing emails here Have F [...] Read story

Give Me Novacaine leak

Wow here's a change in pace! I got Give me Novacaine from an ANONYMOUS SOURCE!! [...] Read story

Ticket Sales for American Idiot tour

Also here are the dates that tickets go on sale: LA promo show - 8/28 Chicago promo show - 9/10 New York promo show - 9/17 Toronto promo show - 9/17 Ft. Worth - 9/10 H [...] Read story

Green Day debut Holiday

Green Day is Yahoo! Launch's " Artist of the Month. There is a video for yet another Green Day Song from American Idiot, Holiday which you can see on Launch. Click here They have a [...] Read story