Winter X VI Games Photos

Well Happy Dr. Martin Luthur King Day to you too. EXPN has posted the photos from Green Day's performance at the Winter X VI Games. But you don't have to go over there because I al [...] Read story

Winter X VI Games, Billie Message, More Articles

I was going to update yesterday. I really was. But when I was on here my computer fucked up. I restarted it, and it was still fucked up. It wouldn't open up any programs that didn [...] Read story

The Green Day & Blink 182 Tour, New Message from Billie

First of all, Billie left a new message at and NO it's not about the tour. It's movie trivia. What happens in every single Farrelly Brothers Movie? There's an article [...] Read story

Big News!!

I feel I must get the most important news out of the way first. Green Day has confirmed a 2002 USA Summer Tour! With who you ask? None other than Blink 182. Yeah, I know some of yo [...] Read story

Billie's New Message, Soundtrack, New Forum, More...

Billie Joe posted a new audio message recently. He discusses a band named Agent 51 on his label (Adeline Records), whom will be starting a tour this month. 'Internatio [...] Read story

Tre loves..., Japan has the best luck...

Tre left a new message at He basically just tells Kid Rock that he can pick up his guitar that Tre stole at his house. Also annoncced today, new tour dates for Japan! [...] Read story

A Bunch 'O Shit

Hey how's it hangin'? Bunch of website updates today, but first some GD News and some other website news. First of all, I heard a lot of shit that Green Day is breaking up. Let me [...] Read story

Billie Delivers Good News, I'm An Outsider, Ask GD a Question

Blah. I'm so bored. Today was a long day. Anyway, enough of my problems. Billie Joe posted a brand spankin' new message In it, he delivers good news. He informs us t [...] Read story

Website Updates

Well, here's to the first update of the year 2002. I hope everyone had a rockin' New Year's Eve and didn't miss Craig Kilborn with Green Day. I did. I completely forgot about it. A [...] Read story

Happy New Year!

I had to get a last update in for the year 2001. Well, 2001 sucked, so let's hope 2002 is better. And what a better way to kick off the new year with Green Day! Make sure to get [...] Read story

BJ's New Year's Message, GDA

Hey all! I hope you all had an awesome Christmas and got everything you want. Now it's time to party and get piss ass drunk on New Year's Eve! Woooo hooooo! Anyway, Billie post [...] Read story

Just Stuff.

Well the only GD news I know of is that International Superhits jumped to #68 on the Billboard 200. C'mon...we can get it higher! Also, Alex from Green Day News Online saw the Ma [...] Read story

Another Christmas Song from Billie, New Year's Eve with Green Day, Website Stuff

Get your ass over to AGAIN for another Christmas song from Green Day! Click on Message from Billie, and listen to their dedication song to Canada, Rockin' Around the [...] Read story

Ramones Tribute, Billie's Dedication to the UK, Website Updates

Alllllllrightythen. You have 5 more days to Christmas shop, so get it done. Anyway, I got some GD news for ya. At Billboard they have this article and it had this to say: + [...] Read story

Billie in the Christmas Spirit

Hey all, head on over to and click on Message from Billie Joe. He just recently posted him singing "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and it sounds fucking awesome!!! [...] Read story

Mike, Poprocks & Coke Video

Hey. Mike left a new audio message at Also check out the new Poprocks & Coke video. You can view it here and while you're at it, enter the Aspen Fly Away Contest! [...] Read story