Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest

Planning on cutting and gutting pumpkins this year? In the theme of Green Day? We want to see these fabulous creations! Send us a snap of your Green Day pumpkin for a chance t [...] Read story

Temple University Diamond Marching Band performs "Basket Case"

Temple University's Diamond Marching Band performed "Basket Case" at their 90th anniversary alumni show earlier this month. Check it out. Thanks to Jun Bortchar for sending [...] Read story

Larry Livermore releasing book about Lookout! Records, "How To Ru(i)n A Record Label"

Larry Livermore, founder of Lookout! Records and most known to us as the-guy-who-signed-Green-Day, has written a new book about the record label and the bay area scene it was a par [...] Read story

'Heart Like a Hand Grenade' now available online

After 11 years, "Heart Like A Hand Grenade" - the making of American Idiot - was released last week on Vimeo. It'd also debuted in select theaters across the US. You can rent it [...] Read story

John Roecker posts video tour of where American Idiot was recorded

John Roecker, directory of the upcoming documentary "Heart Like A Hand Grenade", posted a video tour of the various locations where he filmed Green Day during the recording process [...] Read story

Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre all have their names on Instagram

Mike and Tre have joined Billie Joe in changing their Instagram names to their actual names, you can now find each them at: instagram.com/trecool instagram.com/mikedirnt insta [...] Read story

Twenty years ago today, the highly anticipated 'Insomniac' was released

Twenty years ago today on October 10th, 1995, Green Day released their fourth studio album Insomniac. Jesus Christ Supermarket, I mean, Insomniac, was a highly anticipated album [...] Read story

'HLAHG' available on-demand next week, digital/DVD and international screenings in November

According to multiple reports coming out this afternoon, Green Day's American Idiot documentary film Heart Like a Handgrenade will be available to watch on-demand on October 16th v [...] Read story

John Roecker radio interview about 'Heart Like a Hand Grenade', new Green Day album

Radio station WZON AM 620 in Bangor, Maine recently had a chat with John Roecker, director of the upcoming Heart Like a Hand Grenade documentary. The radio station discussed sev [...] Read story

Watch the official trailer for 'Heart Like a Hand Grenade'

Rolling Stone has posted the official trailer for the upcoming American Idiot documentary, Heart Like a Hand Grenade. This movie is like a fly-on-the-wall art house piece. [...] Read story

Poll: What's your favorite song from "American Idiot"

Today is American Idiot's11th Anniversary. What's your favorite song from this album? [...] Read story

New 'These Paper Bullets' promo featuring vocals from Billie Joe

To celebrate 'These Paper Bullets' making its debut at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles, the Beatles-esque musical has released a new promo featuring a song with vocals by Billi [...] Read story

'Heart Like a Hand Grenade' U.S. theater showings announced

As we posted the other day, Heart LIke a Hand Grenade, the long-awaited documentary about the recording of Green Day's 2004 album American Idiot, is finally seeing the light of day [...] Read story

Special 'Dookie' re-release coming for Cassette Store Day 2015

Does anyone still own a cassette tape player? If you do, you're in luck. A limited number of special Dookie tapes will be released Oct. 17 for the third annual Cassette Store Da [...] Read story

"Heart Like A Hand Grenade" - the making of 'American Idiot' - is finally being released

It's finally happening! "Heart Like A Hand Grenade" - the documentary that followed Green Day for 9 months while recording 'American Idiot' is finally being released. A promotional [...] Read story

Photos, video of Green Day during Oakland A's pregame

As we previously reported, tonight in Oakland, the Oakland A's are once again presenting Green Day Fireworks Night. To celebrate the band's induction into the Rock & Roll Hall o [...] Read story