Enter our Twitter contest to win a copy of Foreverly on CD

"Foreverly" by Billie Joe and Norah Jones is now available on CD and digitally through Amazon. To celebrate the albums release late last month, we're giving away some copies to our [...] Read story

Billie Joe posts clip of acoustic "Missing You" on Instagram

Billie Joe posted a series of clips on Instagram of him playing "Missing You" on his guitar. I love this. I would love to see Billie doing little things like this, perhaps on YouTu [...] Read story

Billie Joe's 1972 BMW 2002TII car for sale on eBay

If you've been paying attention, you'll remember the last couple cars (and motorcycle) of Billie Joe's that he has recently chosen to put up for sale. We've heard lots over the yea [...] Read story

¡CUATRO! and Rob Cavallo nominated for Grammy Awards

¡Cuatro! the making of the trilogy documentary has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Music Film. The production, directed by Tim Wheeler and produced by Tim Lynch, chronicled t [...] Read story

Green Day Christmas Ornament Contest

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Acoustic Guitar includes Foreverly in their Best Albums of 2013

AcousticGuitar.com writer, David Knowles has put together his list of the Best Albums of 2013 and Billie Joe + Norah's Foreverly has made the cut. Perhaps the most unexpected si [...] Read story

Charity Auction: Handmade mini-Blue guitar ornament

We're very excited to share our next charity auction item: a handmade min-Blue replica guitar ornament. The ornament is about 6" long and was hand-painted and finished (and donated [...] Read story

NoiseCreep asks "What is the best Green Day era?"

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Cyber-monday sale: 50% off poster and wristbands, $1 shipping in the USA.

Today is cyber-Monday as people go back to work and school after a nice break for Thanksgiving last week in the US. To mark the day we're bringing two very good deals to you.. O [...] Read story

Billie Joe says Green Day will take a little break following Australia tour

Billie Joe spoke to BBC Radio 2 to promote "Foreverly" and mentioned that the only plans Green Day have right now are the tour in Australia early next year then they'll take a litt [...] Read story

GDA's "Like A Rat Does Cheese" poster available for $5.99

Our "Like A Rat Does Cheese" poster inspired by the Tré Cool song are still in stock and available for worldwide delivery. The posters are only limited to 50 copies so make sure y [...] Read story

Billie Joe & Norah Jones interviews on BBC Radio

Jo Whiley from BBC Radio 2 spoke to both Billie Joe and Norah Jones on her show on Wednesday night. Instead of speaking to them together, she spoke to them individually over the ph [...] Read story

Download of The Week - Billie Joe + Norah Jones hosting "Outlaw Country"

For this week's download of the week, we bring you Billie Joe + Norah Jones hosting "Outlaw Country" as a promo for their new album, Foreverly. The 15 minutes show has Billie Jo [...] Read story

"The Grouch" moment featured on Australia show "Shock Horror Aunty"

An Australian TV show known as "Shock Horror Aunty" looks back at when Green Day played on "Recovery" where they swore during a G-rated time slot and highjacked the in-house band's [...] Read story

Tim McIlrath from Rise Against reviews Foreverly

Tim McIlrath, lead singer and guitarist from punk rock band "Rise Against" has recently written a review on Billie Joe + Norah Jones' new album Foreverly. Rise Against had the oppo [...] Read story

Skate deck painted and signed by Billie Joe up for auction

32auctions.com have put up a skate deck painted and signed by Billie Joe for auction. The money raised from the board will go towards Project LOOP to help build a skatepark for you [...] Read story