Winner of our 2013 Christmas Ornament contest

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Top 10 Green Day stories of 2013

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Merry Christmas!

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Green Day included in Rolling Stone's "40 Best Live Photos of 2013"

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Video: "Billy Joe" included in a Saturday night Live bit last night

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Download of The Week - "Nativity" play

To celebrate Christmas coming up in a few days, this week's download of the week is a 6min video of the boys performing the famous Nativity play (also known as the birth of Jesus). [...] Read story

Featured eBay Item: Billie Joe Armstrong lyric portrait

There are, without a doubt, some artistically talented and creative Green Day fans out there. Today, we'd like to feature an interesting design available for purchase that was crea [...] Read story

Professional photos from London, England

Amrit Sandhu is an up and coming photographer from London, England. This past summer Sandhu had the opportunity to photograph Green Day not once but twice, at Emirates Stadium on [...] Read story

Static Noise Podcast 86: Our thoughts on "Foreverly" & speculation on the future

After a very very long time away, we've decided to bring back the Static Noise Podcast, a show where some of the GDA team gets together to talk about all the latest stuff going on [...] Read story

Artwork from "Foreverly" cassette

Billie Joe & Norah Jones' album "Foreverly" was released last month and a cassette was released alongside the CD and digital versions. Forum member WhiteTim got the cassette and sh [...] Read story

Top 5 Green Day Lyrics

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Enter our Green Day christmas ornament contest: December 18th deadline

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The Big Cats announce their annual holiday show in Little Rock

Green Day's second guitarist, Jason White, has announced that his side band, The Big Cats, will be playing their annual holiday show in Little Rock, AK. The Big Cats will be r [...] Read story