#ThrowbackThursday - Green Day sing "Jingle Bells" on Jimmy Kimmel

Jumping right into the holiday season, what better Christmas present to all of you Green Day fans than this weeks #ThrowbackThursday of the band singing Jingle Bells! [...] Read story

Green Day's manager talks about what goes into releasing three albums

Recently, Green Day's manager, Pat Magnarella, say down with Renman Music and Business to talk about the planning stages of releasing a trilogy of albums. It's always cool to se [...] Read story

Green Day releases "cassette tape" video for "X-Kid"

Earlier this morning, the Idiot Club posted a new video for "X-Kid." The video shows a cassette tape, which contains "X-Kid," being loaded onto a deck and played. Green Day's YouTu [...] Read story

Judges from 'The Voice' perform Good Riddance during their season finale [video]

During last nights season finale of 'The Voice', show judges Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Adam Levine closed out the show by covering "Good Riddance (Time O [...] Read story

Billie Joe appears as himself in the upcoming film "This Is 40"

This is a little bit out-of-the-blue (or way out-of-the-blue), but we just found out from multiple credible sources that Billie Joe appears as himself in the upcoming comedy movie, [...] Read story

Green Day announced to perform in Serbia on May 27th

Today, Green Day announced yet another date to their continuously growing 2013 summer European tour. The newest addition to the tour schedule is Monday, May 27th, where the band w [...] Read story

Featured eBay Items: Assorted gig posters/flyers

After a one-week hiatus (basically due to a lack of cool-enough eBay shit to show you), this week's featured eBay items are some really cool gig posters from different eras. We wer [...] Read story

Huge sale on two of Billie Joe's signature Gibson guitars

Have you ever looked into buying one of Billie Joe's signature model guitars, but thought that they were just too expensive? Well, it looks like you might be in luck, two of Billi [...] Read story

Green Day announce three more European tour dates

Over the past week Green Day's 2013 European tour has become quite lengthy with seemingly another date being added every other day. Today is no exception with another three dates [...] Read story

Green Day announce that they will headline the Festival de Nîmes in France

Green Day has announced that they will headline yet another festival in France this coming summer. The band will headline the Festival de Nîmes in Nîmes, France on July 10th. [...] Read story

#ThrowbackThursday - Billie Joe and Adrienne talk about giving "green gifts"

In the midst of Chanukah and with Christmas less than two weeks away we decided to start getting into the holiday spirt with this week's #ThrowbackThursday. This time last year Bi [...] Read story

Uno... Dos... Tré! now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify

As we reported a couple weeks ago, Green Day has released a "bundle" of the three new albums, titled Uno... Dos... Trè. This has now become available for purchase through digital [...] Read story

My thoughts on the entire trilogy

Now that the trilogy is out I thought I might reflect a little on this whole project. We learned of this whole thing back in April with a tweet from Billie Joe announcing they'd be [...] Read story

Last chance to buy a 2012 Billie Joe sticker

Earlier this year we introduced the sticker below themed around the US Presidential election. With 2012 coming to close, we figured we should try and push them out the door. This i [...] Read story

Let's promote ¡Tré! ourselves, and make sure the trilogy goes out with a bang!

As you all know, Green Day is still in "break-mode," and the band has unfortunately remained pretty low-key throughout the release period for ¡Dos!, and now, ¡Tré!. Right before [...] Read story

¡Tré!, the final album in Green Day's trilogy, has now been released worldwide

It is now December 11th and ¡Tré!, the final installment of the ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré! trilogy from Green Day has been officially released to the world. Places such as Rdio, iHea [...] Read story