'Ordinary World,' starring Billie Joe, to be released on October 14th

Deadline has reported that 'Ordinary World,' the Universal Pictures film starring Billie Joe, is set for an October 14th day-and-date release. Until only recently, the movie was ti [...] Read story

"Bang Bang" hits #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs chart

Green Day's lead single from Revolution Radio has now hit #1 on the latest Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart. Updated for the week of September 10th, "Bang Bang" has moved u [...] Read story

Consquence of Sound lists 'Revolution Radio' as their most anticipated album of this fall

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Billie Joe and Tre share photos from the set of "Bang Bang" music video

The music video for "Bang Bang" was being filmed this past week and Billie Joe took to Instagram to share a photo from the set. shooting a video!!!!!! BANG BANG!! A photo po [...] Read story

Mike Dirnt has a new verified Twitter account @MikeDirnt

The man finally has his own name on Twitter and we can all rejoice. For years Mike had a placeholder account, while the username [@MikeDirnt] belonged to an impostor. They've final [...] Read story

Billie Joe interview with Q magazine on 'Revolution Radio'

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Tre Cool will be on the November 2016 cover of Drum magazine

SJC Drums has posted a preview of the upcoming cover of "Drum Magazine" for November 2016 that will feature Tre Cool. He was on the cover of the magazine back in 2005 (which you ca [...] Read story

Best Buy selling "Bang Bang" CD with "Letterbomb" b-side

Best Buy is selling a physical CD version of "Bang Bang" with a live version of "Letterbomb" as a b-side. It's available for $1.99 at BestBuy.com and being released September 23rd. [...] Read story

"Bang Bang" drum cover and tutorial

I really love the drums on "Bang Bang", so I was very happy to check out some covers uploaded to YouTube. Check out the cover below by 'Matt Wilson Drummer' Matt has a coupl [...] Read story

Watch some guy shave to "Bang Bang"

A member of our forum michidookie recorded this and we thought it was odd, but hilarious. Enjoy. [...] Read story

Billie Joe goes in-depth about 'Revolution Radio' on Rolling Stone's 'Music Now' podcast

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"Bang Bang" quickly climbing the rock charts

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Watch Green Day play 'Knowledge' at a backyard party in 1991

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CBS News analyzes "Bang Bang" and the meaning of the song

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WTF: MTV News has no clue what they're talking about

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Guitar cover of "Bang Bang"

Youtuber Roberto Carregal uploaded this cover of "Bang Bang" and shared it on our forum. I'm always happy to share some quality Green Day covers. If you guys come across any [...] Read story