Static Noise 96: "Green Day is going full EDM" - We talk about Billie Joe collaborating with Avicii

This week we talk about Billie Joe collaborating with Avicii, Heart Like A Hand Grenade, and Mike's tour comments on Instagram. Listen here (42 mins): Visit [...] Read story

Preview of Avicii's "No Pleasing a Woman" featuring Billie Joe Armstrong

A song claiming to be "No Pleasing a Woman" has been uploaded to the "Team Avicii" SoundCloud channel. "No Pleasing a Woman" is the title of a new Avicii song that features Bill [...] Read story

5SOS talks about Green Day in New York Times interview, mentions them in new song

Members of Australian pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer have talked about how big an influence bands like Green Day are to them. So much so they mention them in a recent song "Long [...] Read story

Featured eBay item: Lookout! vinyl of Green Day's first EP '1,000 Hours'

This week's featured ebay item is a vinyl of 1,000 Hours pressed by Lookout! Records. This is Green Day's first ever EP, released in 1989. It includes the tracks "1,000 Hours", "Dr [...] Read story

"We Want the Airwaves" tells the story of Green Day's hectic 1994 show in Boston

In 2013, a film was released that chronicles the history of the WFNX radio station in Boston. Titled We Want the Airwaves, the film was put together by the radio station and long-t [...] Read story

MTV reviews Billie Joe's involvement with the Replacements

MTV writer Gil Kaufman attended The Replacement's show Sunday night in Kentucky as part of the Forecastle Festival. Billie Joe once again joined the band as a rhythm guitarist and [...] Read story

Idiot Nation giving away five promo copies of ¡CUATRO! on DVD

Idiot Nation has announced a cool new giveaway available to its members. The official fan club is giving away five promotional DVD copies of ¡CUATRO!, Green Day's documentary on t [...] Read story

Tré Cool attends Pipeline To A Cure charity event

On Saturday night, Tré Cool was a guest at the Pipeline To A Cure charity gala in Huntington Beach, California. The event is held annually in a handful of cities across the US to [...] Read story

Billie Joe to be featured on "No Pleasing A Woman" from Avicii's upcoming album

In a new interview with Rolling Stone which hit newsstands this past week, Avicii has confirmed the previously semi-confirmed rumor/news about his collaboration with Billie Joe on [...] Read story

Billie Joe will play with The Replacements tonight in Kentucky

Billie Joe will once again be joining The Replacements, this time in Kentucky as part of The Forecastle Festival. We'll share any photos or videos from the show when we get them. T [...] Read story

eBay: 'Saints Are Coming' vinyl autographed by Billie Joe, Mike, Tre and The Edge

Today's featured ebay item is this autographed copy of "The Saints Are Coming" signed by Billie Joe, Mike Dirnt, Tre Cool and U2's The Edge. The vinyl was pressed as part of Gr [...] Read story

Tré Cool's signature SJC drum kit now available for purchase

Tré Cool's new signature SJC drum kit, which was unveiled earlier this year, is now available for purchase from SJC's website. The special edition drum kit features the famous [...] Read story

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SJC Custom Drums interviews Tré Cool in new video

SJC Custom Drums has posted a new video interview with Tré Cool on their YouTube channel. The video catches Tré at Hurly Studios in Costa Mesa, California. The drummer talks [...] Read story

Tre Cool listed as one of Top 5 Punk Drummers of All Time

LA Weekly has listed Tre Cool at #2 of the Top 5 Punk Drummers of All Time. He's placed between Nucky 'Topper' Headon from The Clash at #3 and Earl Hudson of Bad Brains who took th [...] Read story

RIP Tommy Ramone

Tommy Ramone, the last surviving original member of the iconic punk band The Ramones, died yesterday at age 62. Tommy was drummer for the band when they started in mid 70's, but be [...] Read story