Green Day Fan Tattoo's

Our Fan Tattoo's section is back online. This section includes over 150 Green Day related tattoo's our visitors have sent in. If you have a Green Day related tattoo and would like [...] Read story

Fan Tattoos coming soon

The fan tattoo section is currently offline while it undergoes a much needed face-lift. Users will finally be able to submit their Green Day tattoo's to the page once it's back up [...] Read story

Adeline Street store back up

Adeline has re-opened it's online Corner Store where you can order merchandise such as shirts, pants, jackets, hoodies, etc.Sorry the serious lack of updates, there just [...] Read story

A message from Billie Joe

This message was just sent out by Billie Joe to Green Day + NRDC members. He talks about a new documentary coming out about climate change.Click here to read the full message"The 1 [...] Read story

Time of your life

Green Day ranks at #50 with Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) on perthnow's list of 50 Best Songs - Ever. Check out the list here. Thanks Ilona for the link.In case anyone is loo [...] Read story

GD & U2 up for VMA Award

Green Day & U2 have been nominated for "Most Earth-Shattering Collaboration" at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards. What happens when monsters of rock bridge the mainstream punk gener [...] Read story

Tre's chocolate rain

Hey all. Not much news out there today. There is an article here at Undercover about Tre's cover of Chocolate Rain. That's about all I have for ya today. [...] Read story

Punk's Not Dead

Billie Joe is shown briefly in the trailer for the upcoming punk documentary "Punk's Not Dead". According to NME, "The film is an exploration of the evolution of punk rock featurin [...] Read story

Chocolate Rain Tre Cool

Brian from passed along this hilarious gem from Tre Cool. Chocolate Rain is a strange video/song that got popular on YouTube. Here's a link to the original video that inspir [...] Read story

Ask Green Day

We have been given the opportunity to do a Q&A with Green Day, and we want our visitors to supply us with the questions that we'll be sending to Green Day.If you've ever had a ques [...] Read story

more simpsons

Matt Groening and James L. Brooks did an interview with MTV's Kurt Loder and talked about Green Day a little bit. Read the interview here at MTV. Thanks Ilona for the link. Than [...] Read story

Simpsons movie "review"

Some friends and I went out to watch the Simpsons Movie last night, and it was incredible. The movie is made even more worthwhile because Green Day pretty much opens up the movie. [...] Read story

go see green day in the simpsons movie!

No news today to report. So I thought I'd remind you to get to the theaters TODAY to see Green Day perform in The Simpsons Movie! [...] Read story

Instant Karma

Thinking about adding Instant Karma to your CD collection? Read a review here at the Pittsburgh Tribune. Thanks to Ilona for the link.It's almost showtime for The Simpsons Movie! [...] Read story

Simpsons song available, it's my birthday!

The Simpsons Theme song by Green Day is finally available for download on iTunes. For some people, it might be difficult to find, so type in "simpsons theme" and it should find it [...] Read story

Green Day in Big Cheese and the Simpsons

Green Day are in the Issue 90/August 2007 edition of Big Cheese Magazine. It's a PUNK: '77-'07 Collector's Edition featuring bands such as Green Day, The Living End, and The Clash [...] Read story