"It seems so frightening, time passes by like lightning"

Ten years ago, in July 2002, I saw Green Day for the first time. There's an impression amongst certain Green Day fans, some of whom perhaps weren't around to see it, that the years [...] Read story

The Stuff That Didn't Quite Make It: Week Two

We're back with another installment of "The Stuff That Didn't Quite Make It." Thank you guys for the nice responses and number of views on last week's post. Makes doing my job all [...] Read story

Two new items available from GDA today: "GDC 2012" wristbands and "International Superfans" stickers

GDA visitors rejoice! We have two new merch items that I'm pretty damn excited about, and both are available right now! Update: We fixed the issue so the "Add to Cart" button sh [...] Read story

Studio Update #14 (4/27): Billie Joe Multi-tasking!

Today, Green Day's official YouTube channel posted another "studio update" video. This is the second video that has been posted since the announcement of the band's three new album [...] Read story

Florence Welch and Blood Orange cover Green Day's "Hitchin' A Ride" after the Coachella festival

Florence Welch, lead singer of Florence and the Machine, alongside of the band Blood Orange, performed this cover of "Hitchin A Ride" at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club as apart of a sec [...] Read story

Studio Update #13 - Tré is feeling blue

After a good two weeks since the initial announcement of Green Day's trilogy albums, ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré!, the band finally broke the silence and released another studio vid [...] Read story

Song of the Week: "Scumbag"

This week's Song of the Week is the cynical Scumbag, originally released as a b-side to the Warning single, but better known as track 8 off Green Day's compilation album, Shenaniga [...] Read story

Record a Green Day cover for a chance to win some vinyl and Idiot Club prizes

Want a chance to win a copy of the new white Warning vinyl, a free Idiot Club account, and some Idiot Club exclusive postcards? We're looking for people to record and send us their [...] Read story

Static Noise 63: We talk about our favorite Green Day albums, Glee, early Green Day, and our wtf article

63: Opa! The Punk Thing On this week's "Static Noise" we talk about Billie Joe in the One Nine Nine Four documentary, Glee covering Good Riddance, list our favorite Green Day al [...] Read story

"Ah you're leaving home" an Editorial by Lori Champion

Life as a kid in small town America can be restricting. It's not a bad life by any means, but often it's a limited one. When you're a kid in a small town a trip to the next biggest [...] Read story

'The Stuff that Didn't Quite Make It': A weekly round-up of Green Day articles on the web

Here on GDA, we are going to be starting a weekly segment that rounds up news articles from around the world wide web that are Green Day-related. These articles may not be consider [...] Read story

Video of Green Day performing a medley of cover songs during their 2010 "21st Century Breakdown" tour

While browsing YouTube the other day I came across a video of one of my personal favorite parts of Green Day's live show. During the last tour this part of the show came after the [...] Read story

Send us your thoughts about ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! for the next episode of Static Noise

We're going to be recording the next podcast this Sunday and we'd like to include some thoughts from the fans about the upcoming trilogy of Green Day albums. Are you looking forwar [...] Read story

Billie Joe featured in the newly released punk rock documentary One Nine Nine Four

Originally set to be released in 2008, punk rock documentary One Nine Nine Four finally got an online release after years of setbacks. Narrated by Tony Hawk, the documentary exp [...] Read story

Glee set to cover "Good Riddance" on their Graduation album

Yesterday, the television show Glee announced that "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" will be the concluding track on their Glee: Graduation album. The album is set to be releas [...] Read story

GDA's first Managing Editor

I'm very excited to announce a big change for us here at GDA. For the last 3 years many of you have come to know Jimmy as one of our editors and a regular on our podcast Static Noi [...] Read story