Live in Tokyo EP, Download 'Know Your Enemy'

[lightbox=102309_liveintokyobig.jpg,Cover of the Live in Tokyo EP,right]102309_liveintokyo.jpg[/lightbox]Green Day has made a track from the "Live in Tokyo" EP available through Google and For those of you that don't know, Lala is a music service that allows you to stream and purchase music. Google recently teamed up with Lala to allow song previews to be played directly on Google search pages when you search for an artist. As a matter of fact, for the introduction of the new features, they showed that searching for "Green Day" brought up some tracks.

Yesterday, Green Day made "Know Your Enemy" Live from Tokyo available on the service. You can listen to the track by searching for Green Day in Google (or click here). Or you can get the track for .89 cents directly on Lala.

Great news for those of you that wanted the EP but didn't want the more expensive CD import; The upcoming EP is also now available to pre-order through iTunes, for $4.99. It will be released November 10th.