No Fun Mondays interview with Billie Joe in NME

Billie Joe recently spoke to NME about No Fun Mondays, new music and Donald Trump's defeat. It's a brief but fun interview that gives us an insight into Billie Joe's cover choices and what might be next for Green Day, who are not The Network.

"I love melodies and feel like that’s in my DNA. I also love doing things that are unexpected or doing songs that people haven’t really heard before. I did ‘Not That Way Anymore’ by Stiv Bators, which is a really rare power-pop song. That was really fun. Everything felt really spontaneous. I have a covers band called The Coverups, and we just go to local clubs to play and a lot of our friends come out. It’s all just about having fun and tying into my tastes in music too."

Read the full story on the NME website.

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