Tré Cool releases new EP with death metal side-project Dead Mermaids

Tré Cool, aka “Bjorn Roarkson,” has revived his “Icelandic death metal” side-project Dead Mermaids, returning with a new five-track EP titled "You’re Welcöme.”

The EP features five songs, including “My Fish,” “Cop" and “Kill Eat Shit Repeat.”

As you may or may not have been aware of before now, our favorite drummer occasionally moonlights as the frontman of an “Icelandic death metal” band called Dead Mermaids. Tré, under the alias “Bjorn Roarkson,” alongside guitarist Magnus “The Halibut” Magnusson, bassist “The Silver Fish” Grimsson, and Njal “The Wolf” Njallson on backup vocals founded the band back in 2014 with the release of their self-titled debut EP.

While the band’s sound is not really death metal, it is definitely a heavier sound and more satirical than anything Green Day has ever done. With song titles like "My Fish” and “Kill Eat Shit Repeat," it is doubtful that the band is meant to be taken seriously. Rather, it’s just friends having fun making music.

Check out the EP below and share your thoughts in the comments.