Music sites speculate about a Dookie anniversary tour

A few days ago Tre shared a photo from Green Day's band practice and showed a setlist of Dookie in it's entireity. Obviously we weren't the only ones who got excited about this. With Dookie's 25th anniversary coming up next year, a whole lot of music news sites speculated about whether they were practicing for something special to mark the anniversary. Check out some of the articles.


"On Thursday (July 26) drummer Tre Cool posted a photo of the band and then another showing a setlist featuring all of the songs on Dookie…in the order that they appear on the album (!!)

The band hasn’t officially confirmed anything, but we can only hope that they’re planning to do a run with all of these songs."

"Green Day have been rehearsing ‘Dookie’ in full…" -

"Green Day fans have grown excited after the band revealed that they’d been playing their classic album ‘Dookie’ in full during rehearsals.

The band’s 1994 pop-punk classic, containing the singles ‘Basket Case’, ‘Longview’, ‘Welcome To Paradise’ and ‘When I Come Around’, is a favourite among many fans. They previously performed the album in its entirety at Reading & Leeds 2013.

Now, it looks like they may be gearing up to do it again – after drummer Tre Cool shared the news on Instagram that they’d played the record in full during rehearsal"


"What does this mean?! The punk titans have of course played the full-length in full several times before – most notably when headlining Reading & Leeds in 2013 – but with no upcoming shows scheduled, does this mean they’ve just been playing the album in its entirety for the hell of it? Or have they got something up their sleeves in the future?"

"Green Day tease 25th anniversary Dookie tour" - Consequence Of
"Are Green Day teasing a Dookie album anniversary tour?" -
"Green Day Teases Band Practice of ‘Dookie’ In Full. Is a 25th anniversary tour in the works? " -