This was Green Day's averaged setlist for their European tour (w/ videos)

Green Day's 19-show European tour, their first there since Revolution Radio's release, has just wrapped up! They went out in style with a show at London's O2 Arena on Wednesday evening. See our photos section for the best European tour shots.

With each additional album the band releases, fans are left wondering which songs will break into the band's live arsenal. Things only get harder and harder for Billie Joe and company. We take it for granted when we see them perform, but the way they manage to wedge hit after hit into a cohesive and energetic setlist is something pretty astounding. Touring guitarist Jeff Matika had this to say after recently being asked why Green Day don't "change up the setlists":

That tweet is complete with Jeff's signature sarcasm, as those of you who follow him on Twitter will know. But he brings up a good point: Green Day construct their setlists to have a continual flow of energy, right up until the last encore.

So, here's the "averaged" setlist across all 19 of the band's European shows — with live videos of the Revolution Radio songs:

  1. "Know Your Enemy"

  2. "Bang Bang"

  3. "Revolution Radio"

  4. "Holiday"

  5. "Letterbomb"

  6. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

  7. "Longview"

  8. "Youngblood"

  9. "2,000 Light Years Away"

  10. "Hitchin' a Ride"

  11. "When I Come Around"

  12. "Christie Road"

  13. "Waiting"

  14. "Burnout"

  15. "Scattered"

  16. "Minority"

  17. "Are We the Waiting"

  18. "St. Jimmy"

  19. "Knowledge" (Operation Ivy cover)

  20. "Basket Case"

  21. "She"

  22. "King for a Day"

  23. Covers Medley ("Shout" / "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" / "[I Can't Get No] Satisfaction" / "Hey Jude")

  24. "Still Breathing"

  25. "Forever Now"

  26. First Encore:

  27. "American Idiot"

  28. "Jesus of Suburbia"
  29. Second Encore:

  30. "Ordinary World"

  31. "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)"

Some common alternates that were played a handful of times here or there: "Waiting," "Christie Road," "Troubled Times," "Armatage Shanks," "Brain Stew/Jaded," "Nice Guys Finish Last," "Going To Pasalacqua," "J.A.R.," and even "Amy" once (here's a video)!

One other observation: Green Day have basically abandoned ¡UNO!, ¡DOS! and ¡TRÉ! in favor of new material from Revolution Radio. Are you over the trilogy, or would you like to see some of those songs appear live again? What are you hoping to hear specifically when you see the band?

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