Tré Cool interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about 'Revolution Radio'

Entertainment Weekly today has published a new interview with Tré Cool, who talks briefly about the upcoming album, Revolution Radio.

Tré touches on the band's thought process and outlook while recording the album and where that stands now heading into its release and the band's yet-to-be-announced tour.

"We’re going into this record cycle with a lot of gratitude, a lot of humility. We just really do enjoy the s— out of being in a rock & roll band with our best friends."

Tré goes on to explain that the band purposefully kept secret the fact that they were recording in an attempt to take the pressure off themselves.

"We didn’t tell anybody that we were recording, except our wives. We gave ourselves enough time and we weren’t watching the clock. [That] took the pressure off."

He also talked about the political nature of the album and that much of it was written before this year:

"But while Revolution features “Bang Bang,” the hyperpolitical “Say Goodbye,” and other topical songs, Cool says Armstrong wrote many of the lyrics prior to this year’s cartoonish presidential election. “I wish we could take credit for being supergeniuses and having crystal balls,” he jokes. “But our balls are normal, like everyone else’s.”"

Be sure to check out the full article over on, where they have a few more quotes from Tré about "Bang Bang" and the album itself.