"Bang Bang" single artwork all but confirms new album's title, 'Revolution Radio'

As we posted late last night/early this morning, Billie Joe took to Instagram to share with the world the artwork for Green Day's upcoming new song "Bang Bang."

Since then, us fans have put on our investigative hats and peeked at every little nook and cranny of the artwork, looking for any small hints that could lead to information about a future Green Day release. Well, I think that's been found.

Ever since Billie Joe, Mike, and Tré started using "#revrad" on their social media posts, fans have been trying to decipher what the cryptic hashtag meant. Heck, we even made a tool that spits out all the possibilities. The general consensus has been "Revolution Radio." What was "#revrad" referring to? We weren't exactly sure, but assumed an album title. And I think we assumed correctly.

Looking at the "Bang Bang" single artwork, there are many mentions of "#RevRad" all throughout each of the letters. Looking a little closer, we find several incomplete varieties of the term, but one instance stands out and shows the title in all its glory: "Revolution Radio." Publications such as NME and Upset Magazine are also running with this assumption.

While Green Day has yet to confirm this as the album's title, we're fairly confident this is going to be it. With "Bang Bang" releasing this Thursday, chances are we'll learn a little more this week. Until then, let the speculation fun continue.

If you'd like to find more little bits and pieces from the "Bang Bang" artwork, check out J a c's post on our forum, GDC by clicking here.