Thanks for helping a Green Day fan in need (update)

Update, June 9:

A final (and happy) update regarding Mar's campaign: on May 31, her father, Rick, returned home to Ohio, where he will begin rehabilitation. Thank you so much for donating and spreading the word about the fundraising campaign!

More information is available on GoFundMe.

Update, May 26:

Thank you to everyone who has donated to help Mar, a Green Day Community member who is raising money online to help her seriously injured father, Rick. He's in California, where he fell and broke his neck, and his health insurance won't cover the cost of an air ambulance to transport him home to Ohio for rehabilitation.

Mar has posted an update on her GoFundMe page thanking you — but the work's not over yet.

Her family has recently learned that the deadline to pay for the air ambulance is June 5. After that, Rick will be forced to enter a California rehab center for an indefinite time period. The final price for the air ambulance is $18,900 and she is still about $7,700 shy of her goal.

Please continue to spread the word ( ) on social media and donate if you can! Every donation makes a difference.

Original, May 21:

Hello readers! A fellow Green Day fan needs your help.

Mar, a longtime Green Day Community member (and one of my close friends), recently informed us that her father, Rick, suffered a terrible injury on April 30. While in California, he fell and broke his neck, leaving him partially paralyzed. He's endured two surgeries and now their family's health insurance won't cover the cost of an air ambulance — $18,000 (USD) — to transport him home to Ohio for rehabilitation, so he can regain his strength and movement.

If Mar's family doesn't collect this money before Rick is discharged from the hospital in California, it's likely he'll be stuck in one of their rehabilitation centers alone, 2,300 miles away, without his loved ones supervising his care and recovery. That's why she's turned to crowdfunding to collect the cash quickly.

After a day on GoFundMe, Mar and her family have collected $5,200 and are still $12,800 shy of their goal. Please consider donating to this great family. Every dollar helps.

And if you can't help with a donation, please spread the word by sharing this GoFundMe page: — thank you!