Reviews of 'These Paper Bullets' with music by Billie Joe Armstrong

Reviews of the new play
Reviews of the new play 'These Paper Bullets'
Here are two reviews for "These Paper Bullets" which made its premiere last month at the Yale Rep Theatre. Both are very positive reviews of the production and cast.

First from the New Haven Independent,

"These grand emotions are ably underscored by spot-on Beatles pastiches composed by Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. The songs “hath such a charm to make bad good, and good provoke to harm,” as Shakespeare put it in a different play. They sweeten and hasten and enliven and uplift the whole enterprise. They also serve the plot, exactly as music does in Much Ado About Nothing and beyond. A key scene late in the play has been revised as a “Hey Jude”-type ballad. What in the original is an over-the-top call for murder becomes a “break up the band” moment, which leads to a joyous reunion song."

Another review, this one from the Hartford Courant,

"Rolin Jones' witty, puckish mash-up of a script, Jackson Gay's giddy direction, Armstrong's terrific musical homage (and where do I get the record?), and the ever-buoyant cast of mods and rockers —- and did I mention the nifty costumes, sets, arrangements and a guest appearance by the Queen of England? It all adds up to the most fun I've had at the theater since —- the night, before when I reviewed another show brimming with sass and joy, "The Book of Mormon" at the Bushnell. What a way to welcome in spring."

The show runs through April 5 at the University Theatre in New Haven, CT. The running time is two hours and 45 minutes, including one intermission. Tickets are $57 to $98. Information at 203-432-1234 and

Thanks to Dawn Rosquist for sending these articles in.