interviews Billie Joe & Norah Jones about Foreverly

Billie Joe and Norah Jones
Billie Joe and Norah Jones have released an interview with Billie Joe and Norah Jones, speaking about Foreverly and why they decided to do it.

The article entitled "The Darkest Corners of Country" by John Lanham talks about the lives of both musicians, how they've grown closer and friends, and where the project all began.

" “I try to keep things a lot more simple than that,” he says. “For me, honestly, I just got into this Everlys record, and I discovered it a couple of years ago.” He stumbled across a vinyl copy while flipping through a record store bin, he adds, and he was first taken aback by the photograph of the two fresh-faced, pompadour-haired teens smiling from the cover, then by the listing of songs on the back."

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