The Jeff Matika Show: Featuring Billie Joe Armstrong answering your questions

Billie Joe on The Jeff Matika Show
Billie Joe on The Jeff Matika Show
The Idiot Nation has just put up episode one of Billie Joe's Q&A in the form of a badass video titled "The Jeff Matika Show". Go here to watch it.

Jeff started off the show strong, after introducing Billie Joe to the beautiful tunes of "Whitewolf" (Jason Freese), the first question was "let's start off with something light, how's sobriety treating you?"

Jesus christ, the whole thing is brilliant. Kudos to Greg, Jeff, Jason, and Billie for not only doing the Q&A, but doing it like this. I think @jeffmatika has potential, maybe he should audition to take over Late Night.

Login to to watch the 6 minute interview, and hopefully more to come (this one is titled "Episode One").