Tons of news for you

OK. Look for a brand new from Reprise Records before the release of "Shenanigans" on July 2nd (July 1st for all you who live in the UK). The International Superforum on also got a new look.....and a new name! It's now the Shenanigans Board! I go there all the time, my screenname is gdpunkgirl. Muchmusic and LAUNCH both have articles about the mystery track on Every Dog Will Have Is Day not being Oasis. What does Adeline Records think? Well find out by going to their site. Green Day's "Desensitized" debuted at #5 this week on KROQ's Furious 5 at 9. Keep voting and entering to win the Shenanigans contest at Great job you guys! Today I added more contest entries. Check them out here. We have 26 entries so far. I may have you guys vote too, but I'm not sure yet. I'll think about it over my trip. Speaking of, I want to remind you guys that I'll be away till Saturday. I'm going to Ocean City, Maryland. While I'm gone, my co-webmaster Danny and also Darren from The International Supersite Directory will be updating. Feel free to give them a hard time. :) They will not be getting any of my e-mail though, which includes submissions from The Fan List, New Links, Fan Fiction, the Contact Us form, Collector's Corner, or Contest entries. All of that will be excepted, but it will be updated Saturday, or whenever I have a chance. Phew, I think that's it. Oh, yeah, GDA won its first award. Check it out. BTW, don't forget the new GDXFS Challenge between GDA and GDA will start June 28th. The GDXFS Challenge is hosted by The Official Green Day Topsites List. Did you know GDA got a bad review on that site? When you check it out, click site reviews.