Too much to name

I just spent about 4 hours updating this lie. There's an article about the mystery track on 'Every Dog Will Have Its Day' @ Worldpop. is having a contest to win Shenanigans when it comes out. Check out the site for details on entering. Ok, so here's what I did on the site. All the biogaphies were redone. Pages for Fan Fiction and Equipment were added. The Fan List, Didja Know?, and Concert Reviews were updated, and a new AOL AIM icon was added to the Downloads page. Next week I'll be leaving from Wednesday night till Saturday morning. I'm going on vacation to Ocean City, Maryland. So Danny and Darren of The International Supersites Directory will be in charge of Green Day updates. But anything the fans submit to me (ie. Fan List, Concert Reviews, ect.), won't be added till I come back. I'll mention that again later this week. Right now, I'm going to bed!