News, New Contest? reported today that Shenangians will feature D.U.I. on a special Japanese verison of the album. Only problem with that is that the album will cost you about $35 bucks. Amazon and CDNow already have both verisons of the album available for pre order. I don't know if it's worth an extra $20 though for one freaken song. But that's just me. GDA is thinking about having a new contest for our one year anniversary (which is in July). I know it's definitly going to be a GDA Banner Contest (banners for the top of the pages). But I don't know what prize to give. I had several ideas, such as a gift certificate to Interpunk or Amazon, or maybe the Japanese verison of Shenanigans. Any ideas? E-mail me some. All you that e-mailed me with broken/dead links, thanks. I checked them out and they are now working. Look for the biography pages to be redone soon.