Pop Disaster, Video, Tabs, Website Updates

The Pop Disaster Tour wraps up tonight at The Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. Green Day will break until heading to the U.K. July 7th. I hope they have a great break, they deserve it! Don't forget, the Adeline Records compliation 'Every Dog Will Have Its Day' comes out tomorrow. Go out and buy a copy! Shari, the former webmaster of Got Billie Joe?, has tabbed 'Ha Ha You're Dead'! Check them out here. Thanks Shari! We also have the unoffical video for 'Ha Ha You're Dead' at JapanFour. As for GDA, 17 fans were added to The Fan List and The Quiz was fixed. And also a new link, Site 86 was added. Plus, after about 2 weeks, the Mp3 of the Week was updated. Check it out on the Multimedia page. New page also added today, it's called Didja know? and it'll feature interesting facts about Green Day. Check it out and if you have anything to add make sure you e-mail me. So I went to see Scooby Doo on Saturday, and it was actually really good. Go see it if you get the chance