Foxboro Hot Tubs Photos, T-Shirts

The official Foxboro Hot Tubs site has added photos from the show in San Diego, starting here. You can really get a feel of what a crazy stop on the tour it was. They also added photos from Dallas, starting here. All those photos and more are in the GDA Picture Vault

The FBHT site has t-shirts for sale, here and here. When I go to look at them, it says "image not found." My guess is that they are this shirt, that Billie Joe was wearing in Little Rock.

Thanks to girltufty, we have a scan of the NME review of the Little Rock show. We linked to the online review in the last post, here.

The vinyl LP of Stop Drop and Roll is coming out June 10. It comes with a bonus CD. Andres put up some photos of the vinyl (which he picked up at the show in Phoenix) on the forum.

On the Canadian Top 100 Albums, The Foxboro Hot Tubs have the lucky # 13 album of the week. And in the category of Alternative music the album is # 5. Thanks to melody.