Blood, Sex and Booze


Track 2 from Warning
Released 2000
Green Day has played this song live 36 times.

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Song Meaning

Just like "Dominated Love Slave," this song describes a violent relationship in which the narrator is sexually and physically abused by his female partner. It sounds like the narrator asks (somewhat reluctantly) for this activity. Masochistic. The song discusses dominance, which could also be symbolic of the longtime assumed dominance of men over women, as a sort of role-reversal.


Waiting in a room
All dressed up and bound and gagged
To a chair
It's so unfair
I won't dare to move for the pain
She puts me through is what I need
So make it bleed

I'm in distress oh mistress
I confess so do it one more time
These handcuffs are too tight
You know I will obey so please
Don't make me beg
For blood, sex and booze you give me

Some say I'm disturbed
But it's what I deserve another lesson
To be learned from a girl called kill
My head is in the gutter
Thank you sire strike up another mandolin
Of discipline
Throw me to the dogs
Let them eat my flesh down
To the wood
It feels so good

Live Performances

"Blood, Sex and Booze" has been played 36 times live:

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